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Drake Athletics

Sir Francis Drake High School


Drake Athletics

Sir Francis Drake High School

Drake Athletics

Sir Francis Drake High School

The Drake Fund (Athletic Committee) GO PIRATES!


The Drake Fund 2017-2018 Athletic Committee:

Jen Venne: Co-Chair

Aggie Favaloro: Co-Chair

Laura Woodhead: Co-Chair/Secretary 

Barbara Petty: Treasurer 


All are welcome to the Athletic Committee meetings on the below Monday's at 4:00PM in the Staff Lounge.






We will review the latest athletic news from the Athletic Director and the Assistant Principal and review/vote on requests for funding as they are submitted.


Responsibilities of the Athletic Committee for The Drake Fund


The executive committee is comprised of 4 members: Chair, Vice-Chair/Member-at-Large (or Co-Chairs), Secretary, and Treasurer.  These four members are the decision making body for all funding requests made by the various athletic teams/clubs at Drake High School. 


The funding for the Athletic Committee is determined on a yearly basis by the full Drake Fund Board, usually in February or March of the previous school year. The Athletic Committee comes forward with a requested amount and can advocate for that amount to the full Board.  The Athletic Committee is responsible for justifying requested funding, including the Trainer allocation.  While the Trainer is employed the Drake Fund will solicit feedback from all parties regarding the efficacy of the Trainer and submit the information at the above said meeting.


The committee meets as determined by the Chair depending on funding requests: monthly (some optional) but 4 mandatory meetings.  These meetings are posted on the Drake Fund webpage as well as the Drake Athletics webpage.  Date/time/location is at the discretion of the Chair.  Also present at the meetings are the Athletic Director (or representative) and the Assistant Principal who oversees athletics (or representative).


Funding of the Athletic Trainer is a yearly decision based on funds available and the decision of the whole Drake Fund Board.  In the event that the position is approved, he Athletic Chair is responsible (as listed below) for all of the agreements between TUHSD and the UCSF Playsafe Program.



Responsibilities of the Athletic Committee Members:



-       Must also serve on the Drake Fund Board (2 year commitment) and participate in any overreaching work or decisions from the Board

-       Run the Athletic Committee meetings: It is up to the discretion of the Chair to determine how often, when, where, and the time of those meetings, set the agenda, and run the overall meeting.

-       Represent the Athletic Community at Drake and act in support of all of our athletic teams and clubs.

-       Oversee funding requests and make sure they are within the funding criteria of the Athletic Committee and The Drake Fund.

-       Work with the Athletic Director and the Assistant Principal overseeing athletics to bring in the District on decisions made.

-       Oversee the renewal (if applicable) of the Athletic Trainer with UCSF Playsafe Program and TUHSD.  There is an MOU between UCSF and The Drake Fund and The Drake Fund and TUHSD. The Athletic Trainer is an employee of the TUHSD.

-       Communicate with the Coaches regarding funding opportunities/parameters of funding

-       It is at the discretion of the Chair to encourage or oversee outreach programs for example: concussion screening, athletic clearance physicals, educational programs like the College Athlete Night

-       Delegate or do updates on the Drake Athletics Website

-       Oversee proper spending of the funds allocated to the Athletic Committee with the aid of the treasurer

-       Attend the quarterly District Athletic Committee meetings for the TUHSD to represent Drake parent community


Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair/Member at Large


-       Assume the responsibilities of the Chair in their absence

-       Support the activities of the Athletic Committee as needed




-       Keep minutes of the meetings as record

-       Support the activities of the Athletic Committee as needed




-       Oversee the allocated budget agreed upon by the Drake Fund

-       Ensure proper distribution of funds as allocated by the Athletic Committee

-       Work with the District Budget office to ensure proper distribution of funding

-       Work with the Drake Fund Treasurer as needed to prepare reports and communicate financial allocations to the Drake parent body
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