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Drake Athletics

Sir Francis Drake High School


Drake Athletics

Sir Francis Drake High School

Drake Athletics

Sir Francis Drake High School

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1 year ago @ 10:37AM

All-League Recipients

Congratulations to all of our MCAL All-LEAGUE recipients!!

WINTER 2018/2019 1st Team All-League


Aylo Corshen - Wrestling

Andre Lopez - Wrestling

Thomas Faville - Wrestling

Gabe Leary - Boys Basketball

Kate Wulff - Girls Basketball

Adam Martinez - Boys Soccer

Nico Sadi - Boys Soccer


WINTER 2018/2019 2nd Team All-League 

Sebastian Molineaux - Wrestling

Sam Knight - Wrestling

Jonah Cirillo - Wrestling

Alyssa Freed - Girls Basketball

Lucas Vance - Boys Soccer


WINTER 2018/2019 Honorable Mention

Cooper Janssen - Boys Basketball

Allie Korst - Girls Basketball

Stephanie Coghlan - Girls Basketball

Otis Lyons - Boys Soccer

Marina Alicke - Girls Soccer

Sadie Cudd - Girls Soccer

Lily Noto - Girls Soccer

Miles Crock - Boys Soccer

Sophia Calegari - Girls Soccer

Griffin Finnane - Boys Soccer


FALL 2018 1st Team All-League

PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Bella Moynihan - Girls Water Polo

PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Logan Anderson - Boys Water Polo

Kate McCarthy - Girls Water Polo

Nick Berry - Boys Water Polo

Sienna Berry - Girls Water Polo

Ian Christie - Boys Water Polo

Liyara Senadheera - Girls Water Polo - Goalie

Cooper McCarthy - Boys Cross Country

Kyla Seeley - Girls Cross Country

Amir Barkan - Boys Cross Country

Nicco Pompili - Boys Cross Country

Owen Wolford - Boys Cross Country

Terrance Coleman - Football (RB, DB)

Ren Gaul - Football (LB)

Malia Coyle - Girls Volleyball


FALL 2018 2nd Team All-League 

Anna Wooster - Girls Water Polo

Courtney Jarret - Girls Water Polo

Ray Holmberg - Boys Water Polo - Goalie

Josiah Russell - Boys Cross Country

Oliver Arnesson - Boys Cross Country

Noel Rockwell - Girls Cross Country

Diego Fino - Boys Cross Country

Jackie McKillop-Herr - Girls Cross Country

Audrey Johnston - Girls Tennis (Singles)

Alex Toy - Field Hockey

Gracie Salcuni - Field Hockey

Sage Kleiman - Football (WR,DL)


FALL 2018 Honorable Mention

Mason Barnes - Boys Water Polo

Sasha Frey - Girls Water Polo

Claire Johnston - Girls Tennis (Singles)

Julene Gascon - Field Hockey

Dan Forrest - Football (DB, K)

Bella Griggs - Girls Golf

Bea Heimbrodt - Girls Volleyball

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